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Tottenism Tuesday: Leave It Better Than You Found It

This concept holds true in all aspects of life. In the big picture, ask yourself, when you leave this world, will you have left it a better place than you found it? Did you do anything productive in your lifetime to make it better? The coaching position that you worked at for several years but now are moving on to another location – is the program you left in a better position than when you first got there? If you never read the book “Legacy”, you should give it a look. This was the story of the legendary All Blacks rugby team of New Zealand. There are a ton of great stories in there about how their culture made them exude excellence for years. One story stood out for me where every time they travelled to another team, the players always picked up after themselves in the locker room - leaving it better than they found it! This may seem like a little thing, but it is the little things that make the difference and creates the culture of excellence!

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