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Tottenism Tuesday: Make Chicken Salad

Did you ever come across an athlete that you thought had zero potential and just wasn’t worth the time and effort that you could be putting into the more talented athletes? I often heard the term, “You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken s_ _ _ (uh, “poop”). Well, I disagree (with the concept, not the reality of using something other than the actual chicken). As long as the athlete is willing to listen, be coached and works hard, then I will work just as hard to help them reach their potential and go after their goals. As I say in the email signature as the head coach of our East Coast Gold Weightlifting Team, “Chasing Your Genetic Potential”. Everyone has genetic limitations, but as long as the athlete and coach are all working toward that goal of maximizing whatever genes your parents blessed you with, then we can make some pretty tasty chicken salad!

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