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Tottenism Tuesday: Make Every Lift Count

I saw this quote on Facebook by @squat_university and just had to turn it into a #TottenismTuesday “Every single time you touch the barbell you should intend to move with perfect technique. Move with intention and good things will happen.” Whether the lifter is performing the more technical lifts that require precision and timing or whether the lifter is pulling or squatting a big weight, the goal is to hit perfect technique every time. You want to teach the body (and mind) one pattern and do it over and over so it becomes engrained and automatic. If a lift is performed sloppily even though the weight is actually made, is that really what you want the body to remember? For example, when I teach the power clean from the power position, the lifter has to pick the bar up off the floor and deadlift it to that power position. Every time I say to the athletes before they pull, “perfect deadlift to the power position”. No rounding of the back and improper form to get it going. Bottom line is how you practice is how you compete. Make it as perfect as possible every time you touch the bar. #tottenisms #leototten#tottentraining #tottentrainingsystems #everylift#liftlikeitmattera #lifting #liftalltheweights #techniquematts

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