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Tottenism Tuesday: What Was Your Favorite Class?

Hey, everyone! Got a question for you – what was your favorite class either in high school or college and why? I know most of you would probably expect my own answer to be “Phys Ed”!! Well, yeah, I guess that is close to the top of my list because, after all, I did get my B.S. and later M.S. in Physical Education. But I would definitely have to say my favorite class in college was Speech class. No, not the kind of Speech class you might think, but rather, it was a public speaking class. Right now, I am very comfortable getting in front of people and talking without any anxiety or trepidation at all and I actually enjoy it. But back then, I was an absolute mess when it came to presenting in front of a group. Nervous, anxious, shaky hands, sweaty palms (and various other bodyparts) – not to mention stammering and talking too fast and throwing in way too many “OK’s” and “Uh’s” and “You Know’s”. At the start of this class, I absolutely hated it because it put me in a position to do exactly what I was most terrified of. But the teacher was very patient with me, showed me relaxation techniques (and, no, imagining the audience in their underwear was NOT one of them!) and just by repetition and patience, I slowly got better and more comfortable. It was a struggle but the class forced me to face my demons and rise above those issues. Thanks to that one class, it has been an influential part of my development as a teacher, coach and lecturer. So, the question is – what was your favorite class??

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