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Tottenism Tuesday: Finish Your Meal first THEN You Can Have Dessert

I just recently taught one of my courses at Drew University where we had 22 awesome students led by the host Scott Veith. Any time I teach a course, I always learn some things as well including a few new “one liners” that I can use in my Tottenisms!

This one comes from Scott back from when he was 16 years old and just getting into his training. He and his partner would work out Monday thru Thursday doing all the full body movements and heavy lifting exercises. Then, Friday they would still work out, but all they did was the small muscle group exercises like curls, calf raises and other “bodybuilding” type exercises. When Scott asked his training partner why they didn’t do any of the small, fun stuff on the other days and his partner just said, “hey, you gotta finish your meal first before you get dessert!”

The moral of the story is do the hard work first before you spend the time and energy doing the fluff things that don’t really matter. Focus on the important stuff first, then you can have your dessert!!

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